Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drink and Draw

These are some drawings I did at Drink and Draw. It started out slow being that I was the only one there, but Justin and Geoffrey came around after an hour. It was just great, sketching along side people with twice the conviction to their work and still being humble. That night I worked up some concepts for a comic a buddy and I were working on since high school, and the scenery of the Bar.
And if you have to ask, yes there was a Mech Knight with huge guns walking around the bar that night, annoying striking poses at me. It was kinda creepy.


Aberrant Press said...

Hey, I know those guys! I hear Justin is handsome and smart... Humble too!

Karonno said...

Sorry I didnt respond sooner, I am still getting use to Blogger. But Yes Justin is a Beautiful man.

Karonno said...

Wait a minute!?! YOU ARE JUSTIN!