Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final Verdicts for the Marketing package

With the request for the back of the card to not be glossy, this surface should be easier to write on.

Taking out the design, I later concluded again to keep it simple and have the viewer eager to check out my website.

I was concerned about the DVD cover, but it was decided that the digital painting summed it up well.
Through out this process. I was looking up established illustator's business cards and found Mandy Sechrist design for Chris Sanders' card(Director of Lilo and Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon) More simple then mine but needless to say Chris Sanders' name carries more weight than mine at this time.

DVD Cover Rejects...maybe

My first run at the DVD cover. I later felt that the background of the cover wasn't flowing well with the foreground painting with the bloch of ink on the bottom right side of the front.

I Then played around with texture and the sketch lay.

In my final hope to make this work, I pulled back the opacity even more on the back ground with the texture and sketch together. A bit of me is still considering this composition.

Business Card Design/Note Taking Front.

Again, based off of my old business card I wanted to show what I could do right off the bat. These were posted as samples for the mean time:

Here I was very satisfied with my DVD cover art so I wanted to paste it again on this medium:

Compensating my urge for a mini artwork and a note taking space. I finally decide on a border design. Due to Printing and cutting issues I later added a border.

Businesscard Rejects Info Side

My first and Simple but seemly tacky use of font.

Based off of my old business card, it was later considered too active and not to the point:

This was my first consideration that I choose later because of my concern for the space on the left:

Here I wanted to feel in the empty spot:

My final consideration before I finally decided to keep it simple all over again.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fig The Game On GameDeveloper

Art Directer Brendon Fitzgerald and Level designer/advertiser Mike Scala made this happen. I'm excited and cant wait to see what happens next.