Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day Hard For No Tomorrow.

(Boy, that's an eccentric title.) So here is the first blog and treat for anyone new to me. I am Brandon Lin, also (Suppose to be) known as "Karonno". Now why Is my Website cool "Poorly Run Alias?" Because I have a tough time answering to "Karonno." I either simple don't answer to it or that it feels like foreplay. But besides that and the ackward slience that follows I am also an Illustrator.
My work deals in visual narration, storyboarding, key Framing, and Etc. I have been working with acrylics,full heartedly, since Spring of 2006.
Well there were some set back until spring of 2007 when I took a dive into the Art Scene of Las Vegas, as us Desert Rats call it "First Friday." Since then I have made it my new years resolution or 5 year goal to make a living out of my works. Stick around its just about to get interesting.

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