Sunday, May 29, 2011

While I was away: part 12

Around this time, there was this advertisment of "G". There where a bunch athletes that were being filmed black and white, interperting what "G" meant to them. Here was me and the Argonaut being though into the mix.

Here, I introduced my new antagonist to my sketchbook comic. A Guardian with a zealous view of human's knowledge of their kind. Also had fun draw Gram the Warlord.

The concept to this new guardian was one who's armor can be taken apart into weapons. I want to explore that idea some more one of these days.

Here was my study of walruses for my little comic.

One of the last days as a gallery artist before my disappeance for a year and a half. My stuff kept on getting blown over. It felt exciting.

Dilly dolly with my favorite childhood story, "Jouney to the West," NPR's interview With Seth Grahame-Smith When he just announced his book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," and still figuring out the concept of "Fig: The Game" Enemy.

The first initial sketches on the Fig character. An angery french worm, with junky robot parts.

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