Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot Sauce Gang Picnic + While I was away Continues!

Today, while playing Fallout 3 for the forth straight day after break, I got a call from a cool cat name David about a painting session happening at Sunset park Today. First I was like "meh...," then he said there was food, then I was like YAY! Unfortunately I had a few errands to do. so I finally came and got set up for the last hour. Beside that here is another page from my sketchbook contest.
On this page I was at the bar called "On the Rocks" with a special guest that day named Joe Bergin the 3rd. At the same time the rest of of Drink and draw guys where talking about "Drag Me to Hell" and finally I found an empty camel cigarette pack with designs I ready digg'd.

P.S. Yep I have really been playing too much Fallout 3. I'm now talking like Three Dawg.

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