Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Weeks Update.

So last week I just finished up all the dog portraits, attended Drink and Draw's new official location and was a guess artist at Blick Art Material's Pink Ribbon Auction.

For the Dog portraits I still wanted to keep it at a lighter consistence but have the bold stroke quality of that of J.C. Leyendecker.
This time around at Drink and Draw One of the boys dropped in and brought some heavy subjects matter to the table. Politics, relationships, life. The end of the night left me at a daze. At lest Justin brought pizza and it was happy hour. Interestingly enough though, I found out that the people that run "Drink and Draw Las Vegas" are all Alumni of my high school that graduated 6 years before me.
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Finally the Pink Ribbon Auction. It was fun.
...very fun.
Sadly I never got around to painting on this canvas that everyone put their 2 cents in.
I was doing this.
A pretty eventful week for an unemployed.

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